Current Archer Handicaps And Classifications

Here you can download the latest archer handicaps and classifications, updated to end January 2020

What is a handicap and how to get one?

What is it?

 An archery handicap is a number between 0 and 100 which indicates the ability of an archer. The lower the handicap the better the archer. Every archer can have one outdoor handicap and a separate indoor handicap for each bow style they shoot. Handicap tables are produced by AGB which give a handicap for every possible score for every round irrespective of the archer’s age, gender or the bow style used. The handicap tables can be purchased from AGB (currently £14.50) ~ our Records Officer has a copy. 

Getting a handicap

 The key thing to remember about handicaps is that they are easy to get; all you have to do is record scores for some rounds and pass them to our Records Officer, Alex Petts. You can do this by giving him the score sheet in person, or emailing a photo of the score sheet to He'll do the rest. In fact sending him your score is essential because only a handicap formally issued by club records officers can be used if entering a handicap shoot! You cannot create a handicap for yourself.

Handicaps in competition

 Handicaps can be used to enable archers of all standards to compete equally against each other. This is achieved by adding a certain number of points (allowance) onto an archers score at the end of the round. The lower an archer’s handicap, the fewer points get added to his score. The winner is the archer with the most points after the handicap has been taken into account. The number of points to be added is included in the AGB handicap tables.