Our Upcoming Events And Competitions

 We hold 2 competitions each year, the Bingham Spring Western & Agincourt Volley and the Open Western. Entry forms and further details for next years competitions will be posted here when they are finalised. 

Other Upcoming Local Events And Competitions

Below are the upcoming competitions taking place across the East Midlands.

No upcoming events.

Jim Johnson Trophy



In recognition for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that Jim Johnson has put in since the club was formed in 1982, we commissioned a new trophy bearing Jim's name. 


The trophy is awarded at the Spring Open Western, held each April, to the winner of The Agincourt Volley.  

In the Volley, all archers shooting are called to the line by the field captain, given an order of Nock - where all archers nock their arrow, Draw - everyone draws together, Release - all archers release their arrows simultaneously. 

This is repeated twice more in rapid succession to complete a three arrow volley and the archer whose arrow is closest to the gold wins the trophy.  Only those shooting longbow or barebow take part in the Agincourt Volley. 

The trophy was hand made and donated by Maurice Clarke of MGC Designs.